Slidell woman arrested for impersonating a firefighter

Slidell, La. - A Slidell woman is behind bars after police say she was impersonating a firefighter.

According to police, 53 year-old Antonia Munici has been portraying herself as a professional firefighter to her friends and co-workers since the 1990's.

Police say Munici went as far as obtaining firefighter gear and a fraudulent professional firefighter identification card in a scheme that would fool most everyone she met.

Slidell Police began an investigation after an employer began to have doubts about the legitimacy of Ms. Munici's claims of being a firefighter.

She claimed to have worked for NOFD since 1981 and told people that she recently retired in 2011. After contacting officials with the New Orleans Fire Department, it was discovered that Ms. Munici was never employed by the agency.

Detectives spoke with Ms. Munici in hopes of getting some type of explanation for her behavior and false claims. Ms. Munici admitted to detectives that she has been in possession of the fraudulent identification card since the late 1990's.

Detectives feel as though Ms. Munici was using her claim to being a firefighter in order to get preferential treatment from employers and the others around her. At this point in the investigation, it is unknown if Ms. Munici used her fraudulent claims for any other reason other than gaining employment.