Dirty Deeds: Huey Long's FBI files

The FBI released about 1700 pages of documents from Huey Long's FBI File.  The files document allegations against Long for various acts of corruption.

The file details many of the investigations in the 1930's.  Many of the allegations involve possible voter fraud.  The files also look into Long's control of the City of New Orleans.

Long was assassinated in September of 1935.  The files also include information on any possible investigation into Long's death.

Long's death came about a year after he formed the Win or Lose Corporation.  And three members of the Win or Lose Corporation are mentioned in the FBI files.

Long's friend, Seymour Weiss, was indicted on tax evasion charges.  Of interest are Weiss' many letters to and from former FBI director J. Edgar Hoover.

Long's secretary, Earle Christenberry, is also mentioned in the files.  Apparently, Christenberry's brother was the first assistant to the United States Attorney.

Also, former Governor James Noe's name is scattered throughout the Huey Long files.  Noe appears to have reached out to the FBI himself and given them information on his successor as governor – Richard Leche.  A short time later, Leche was indicted.

You can see all of the FBI files on Huey Long here: