Travelers hit the road for Memorial Day weekend

New Orleans, La.  - Travelers are hitting the road this Memorial Day weekend, as gas prices continue to drop.  But it may be worth it for motorists to shop around for the lowest prices.  According to, prices are varying widely from one gas station to the next.  A check of gas stations across the metro New Orleans area showed the lowest price was $3.14 a gallon while the highest is $3.70 a gallon.

Memorial Day typically marks the start of the summer travel season.  According to a survey of nearly one thousand people across the country, 77% of Americans are planning to take a vacation this summer.   Of those planning to travel, half say they'll be traveling by car, 39% by air.  And vacation budgets are expanding as well.  Orbitz says 53% plan to spend more than $1,500 compared to only 39% back in 2011.