Section 642: Drew Brees got served

Drew Brees turns to social media. I would have turned to the dance floor. (FOX 8)
Drew Brees turns to social media. I would have turned to the dance floor. (FOX 8)

I'm just a lowly fan sitting high in the rafters of the Superdome, in the last row of Section 642.  From time to time, I make observations about my favorite football team.  Most of the time, they're typo free.

It's not your typical quarterback controversy.

It was the umpteenth day of reporting on the Drew Brees contract, or lack thereof.  Saints interim head coach Joe Vitt was giving his update.

"I had a great conversation with Drew the other day. We were talking about training camp," Vitt said.  "I had some questions and I knew that he wanted to do some certain things at training camp.  I feel confident. He'll be here."

And then Drew got served.

"What else is he going to do? He can't sing or dance," Vitt said.

Brees heard about Vitt's "sing or dance" comment and issued this response on his Facebook page:  "On the contrary Joe Vitt, you have obviously never seen me karaoke!   As for dancing, Lance Moore ain't got nothing on me."

You didn't think Lance Moore would stay on the sideline after a blast like that?  Friday, he tweeted: "Ok, to address this @drewbrees dance-off situation......anywhere, anytime, any place! Hope he's been taking dance..."

I'm not a big fan of dance shows that feature pro-athletes, but I sure would like to see Drew dancing in the pocket on football field again, throwing the ball to Lance.

Or, maybe Drew vs. Vitt vs. Lance in a West Side Story-esque, low-walk, snap-dance, crew battle.  That would be equally cool.

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