City, parish leaders discuss 2012 storm season

New Orleans, La. - The 2012 hurricane season is here, but there has already been two named storms.

The Army Corps of Engineers has been hard at work beefing up the area's storm protections.

Today marks the official start of the 2012 hurricane season.

But there's some good news. Meteorologists say the season may not be a very busy one.

Two weeks ago we had our first named tropical storm, Alberto, and then tropical storm Beryl hit on Memorial Day.

Despite an active start, we are transitioning from La Nina to El Nino in the eastern Pacific and forecasters expect less activity as the Summer wears on.

But if there is a storm, New Orleans officials have launched a new one-stop-shop for hurricane preparedness.

Visit for more information. At a morning press conference, city and parish leaders throughout discussed their preparations for this year's hurricane season.

Plaquemines Parish residents are among the first to start evacuating when a storm heads this way.

Parish President Billy Nungesser says they're working to increase protection along Highway 23 so it doesn't flood as quickly

He also points to increased protection from the flood wall in Belle Chasse.

"That area is a lot better protected. We've got over $2 billion in levee lifts through out Plaquemines Parish so it will get a lot better every year," said Nungesser.

Nungesser says they've also upgraded the tops of levees with rocks so vehicles can use it to evacuate in case Highway 11 becomes flooded again.