Furloughs forced on Orleans Sheriff's Office workers

New Orleans, La. - Notices went out on Friday to employees of of the Orleans Parish Sheriff's Office that they'll have to begin taking furlough days to avoid layoffs.  Orleans Parish Sheriff Marlin Gusman says the furlough policy affects top staff and administration but not the deputies involved in inmate security. It will require those affected to take one day without pay per two-week pay period. It will become effective on Monday, June 4.

Gusman said that the action was necessary because of additional financial pressures on the Sheriff's office. "The office is in a state of transition with the recent closure of the House of Detention and an overall reduction in the intake and housing of inmates. This action will not affect our deputies involved in inmate security. It will include approximately 25 percent of our workforce, including all administrative personnel and all of those at or above the rank of Major," he said.

Sheriff Gusman anticipates the furlough will not last until the end of this year. "We regret the financial hardship that this furlough day may bring on each employee, but it is a necessary measure to avoid layoffs," he added.