La. lawmakers send 'Caylee's Law' bills to Jindal

BATON ROUGE, La. (AP) - Florida mom Casey Anthony's trial and subsequent acquittal are leading to changes in Louisiana law.

A pair of bills sent to the governor's desk will penalize caretakers who fail to report or give false information to law enforcement officials regarding missing or dead children. Gov. Bobby Jindal intends to sign the bills into law.

The measures by Rep. Barbara Norton and Sen. Bob Kostelka will make it a misdemeanor crime for caretakers to falsify information to police during a missing child investigation. They also make it a crime to fail to report a missing or dead child, with jail sentences ranging up to 50 years.

Both lawmakers say the bills were a response to the 2008 death of Florida toddler Caylee Anthony, who wasn't reported missing for 31 days.

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