Father and son arrested in stockyard thefts

Dwayne Boquet Sr., 51 (LPSO)
Dwayne Boquet Sr., 51 (LPSO)
Dwayne Boquet Jr., 32 (LPSO)
Dwayne Boquet Jr., 32 (LPSO)

Raceland, La. - Police arrest a father and son responsible for the theft of over $10,000 in materials from a Raceland stockyard.

Dwayne Boquet Sr., 51, and Dwayne Boquet Jr.,32, were arrested Friday after being discovered trespassing on the stockyard grounds.

Around 10:30 a.m., deputies responded to a Raceland stockyard on La. Highway 308 in reference to suspicious subjects on the property.

Investigators say the property owner noticed two unknown vehicles on the property and notified police. A short time later, the owner discovered two unknown male subjects and began to question them about their presence there.

Deputies identified the two men as Dwayne Boquet Sr. and Dwayne Boquet Jr. and both men were placed under arrest.

Through investigation, detectives discovered that both men had also stolen items from the stockyard on May 26.

In addition, Boquet Sr. had visited the scrap yard on two occasions and obtained cash for items that had been stolen. Detectives recovered materials valued at around $10,000 which had been stolen from the stockyard.

Dwayne Boquet Sr. was charged with felony theft, criminal trespassing, and possession of stolen property, and he was found to have an arrest warrant for two counts of theft in St. Martin Parish. He is currently being held on a $21,100 bond.

Dwayne Boquet Jr. was charged with two counts of theft and criminal trespassing and was also found to have a warrant out of St. Martin Parish for theft. He is currently being held on a $6,000 bond.