JP deputies arrest man for fabricating a car jacking story

Harvey, La. -  A 24 year old man from Lumberton, Mississippi has been arrested for making up a story that he was carjacked in order to get a free ride home.  Travis Victor told Jefferson Parish deputies that he was the victim of an armed robbery and carjacking near Manhattan and the West Bank Expressway.

Sheriff Newell Normand says Victor made up a story that  three men, wearing masks,  robbed him at gunpoint and took his 2000 Mercury Marquis.

Victor was transported to the Investigations Bureau and that's where his story allegedly changed.

Norman says Victor admitted he lied about being carjacked. In fact he reportedly said he did not have a car at all.

Victor reportedly told investigators he was from out of town (Lumberton, Mississippi) and had been left stranded.  He allegedly told them he had hoped police would give him a ride back to Lumberton.

Travis Victor was booked into the JPCC with one count of false reporting.