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Trio arrested for armed robbery, carjacking in Slidell

Jollynne Corter, 17 Jollynne Corter, 17
Jareth Vinet, 24 Jareth Vinet, 24
Larry Vinet Jr., 43 Larry Vinet Jr., 43

Slidell, La. - Police in Slidell have arrested a father, his son, and the son's girlfriend for armed robbery and carjacking.

Police say on June 1st around 12:3am, a woman called 911 to report that she had just been robbed at gunpoint. 

The victim told officers she was on her way to pick up her nephew from a friend's house, but was flagged down by a female who appeared to be in distress. 

The female was 17 year-old Jollynne Corter.  As the victim was speaking to Corter, her boyfriend, 24 year-old Jareth Vinet, approached the drivers-side of the vehicle armed with a gun.  Vinet forced the victim out of the car and then ripped her purse from her arm.  Vinet and Corter both jumped in the vehicle and fled the area.

Police say by coincidence, the victim's nephew, who decided to walk home since his aunt was carjacked, told officers that he was just stopped by a male and female who told him they had just been robbed and needed to use his phone.  Unbeknownst to the victim's nephew and the police, the male and female were Corter and Vinet.  It was eventually discovered that they got scared when they saw police in the area, so they abandoned the car approximately two blocks from the initial crime. 

Detectives were eventually able to link Corter and Vinet to the carjacking. The Slidell Police and the U.S. Marshal's Fugitive Task Force began the manhunt for both Corter and Vinet.  During the course of the manhunt, it was discovered that Corter and Vinet fled to a friend's residence in Pearlington, Mississippi. 

Slidell Police paired up with the Hancock County Sherriff's office, and shortly before midnight on Friday, had both suspects in custody.  It was discovered that Vinet's father, Larry Vinet, aided the duo in their escape from the law.  The gun used during the carjacking belonged to Larry Vinet, who was trying to hide the weapon from police.  The gun has been recovered and Larry Vinet was charged with Accessory After the Fact to both Armed Robbery and Carjacking.

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