Textron will build more armored vehicles for Afghanistan

New Orleans, La.  - Textron Marine & Land Systems has been awarded a new contract to more build additional mobile strike force vehicles for the Afghanistan National Army.   The announcement on Wednesday by Textron says the U-S Army ordered 71 more of their armored vehicles. The contract is worth more than $79 million. The vehicles are designed to be mine and ambush resistant.

In addition to building the mobile strike force vehicles, Texas will also be responsible for supplying support equipment, spare parts, field service representatives, training and training aids.  The vehicles are designed to be mine and ambush resistant. Last year, Textron was given contracts for nearly 500 military vehicles to be used by the Afghanistan army.

"In less than two years our dedicated employees, together with the U.S.

Army's Product Manager Armored Security Vehicles, have developed, tested, built and started fielding an essential capability for the Afghanistan National Army's security mission," explained Tom Walmsley, TM&LS senior vice president and general manager. "This level of cooperation has enabled our team to quickly and efficiently produce more than 200 MSFVs to date, field the first ANA Kandak, and prepare the next Kandak to train on its fleet of vehicles."