Mother, son victims of Metairie home invasion

A Metairie man is at the Interim LSU Public Hospital after he was beaten in what his family calls a home invasion on a busy Jefferson Parish street early Wednesday, and the victim's elderly mother may have saved his life.

The victim's family says the ordeal happened about 6:30 a.m. in the 1000 block of Cleary Avenue, near West Metairie.

The family tells FOX 8 the 48 year-old victim was rushed to the Interim LSU Public Hospital because of possible head trauma.

His 72-year-old mother says she's suffering with mostly bruises because of the attack.

Another family member says the son was getting ready to leave their home for work when a man hiding in their garage jumped out and began beating him.

They say the man, who had a mask on, used a crowbar to break in a garage door, and had black gloves, black netting, and plastic ties for handcuffs with him.

The male victim's mother heard the commotion in her garage, ran in there and called for help.  

She says the suspect, a younger white man with tatoos, tried to hurt her, but she was able to beat him with an object she grabbed in her garage.

The family says both men were rushed to the hospital, and say the suspect knew one of the victim's names.  The family says he told Jefferson Parish Sheriff's investigators that this was all a joke, and said someone hired him to do it.  The family says the suspect gave police the name of someone who worked for their business.