Saints finish OTA's short on quarterbacks

© AP Images
© AP Images

If there were one word to describe the Saints' quarterback situation right now, it'd be "short" -- not just the fact that Drew Brees and Chase Daniel come in right around 6', the fact that the Saints are short on quarterbacks.

There's no update on Brees' contract negotiations but as the team wrapped up the offseason program without him, they were also without Chase Daniel.

Daniel hit his throwing hand on another player's helmet Tuesday, giving him what the team is calling a mix between a sprain and a hairline fracture.  Daniel sat out the final day of OTA's Wednesday but did not seem worried about the injury affecting his training camp, starting July 26.

"The way I see it is that it's a lot more of a sprain than a hairline fracture," Daniel said.  "We saw the X-ray and there was a little bitty line right there but literally, it feels like a jammed thumb right now and the swelling has gone down a lot.  It's getting better."

Assistant head coach Joe Vitt echoed that sentiment, saying, "We can describe this as a sprain but there's a little hairline fracture there so he's not going to be able to throw for, probably, the next two and a half weeks.  He'll be ready for training camp.  He's fine.  There's no surgery involved, he's in a splint, he'll be ready to go."