Brees tweet causes social media stir

New Orleans, La. - After NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell upheld player punishments Monday, Drew Brees reacted to the appeals decision by sending a tweet that caused a social media backlash.

Brees, a member of the NFLPA Executive Committee, reacted to the appeals decision with this tweet:

"If NFL fans were told there were 'weapons of mass destruction' enough times, they'd believe it. But what happens when you don't find any???"

Monday, Jonathan Vilma and three other former and current Saints players had their hearing.  Commissioner Roger Goodell gave out the stiffest bounty penalty to Vilma, who has a season long suspension.

Vilma walked out of the hearing after an hour and did not return.

Football fans and NFL observers almost immediately took to Twitter and Facebook after the Brees tweet.

"@drewbrees. Please don't discredit us for what we did and continue to do over there. That's not your intention but that's what it appears," wrote Rebel_Cowboy28.

"@drewbrees WMD, huh? You're comparing your meaningless game with a war that's taken thousands of lives? Nice work…," SchulzKC tweeted.

"I assume @drewbrees is trying to take a shot at the @nflcommish but it comes off more as a shot at those who follow the @nfl #insulted," erikschlitt said.

Other fans blamed the comments on Brees towing the union line.

Supporters said that fans are taking the comments out of context, and that Brees did not mean that weapons of mass destruction are comparable to the bounty scandal investigation.

The league did release some of its evidence against the players.

Ledger sheets indicate players and coaches were giving incentives to the defense to knock Brett Favre out of the NFC game in the run-up to the Super Bowl.

There were fewer than 200 pages released in a larger part of evidence collected in the league's three-year investigation.