Car fees rising at SLU and ULL

Baton Rouge, La. - Students at two state universities will soon be paying a lot more to park their cars on campus. Southeastern Louisiana University and the University of Louisiana at Lafayette have received permission to increase annual fees for students with cars on campus from $35 to up to $100 starting in the fall.

The increased fees would pay for construction, repair, maintenance, security and the operation of parking lots and walkways plus student transit systems. The Advocate reports the fees would come on top of expected 10 percent fall tuition hikes across the University of Louisiana's nine-college system.

Robbie Robinson, vice president of finance for the University of Louisiana System said most UL campuses charge between $35 and $40 in vehicle registration fees. Campuses are having trouble finding dollars to improve parking lots, walkways and other facilities, Robinson said. The increased fees should help address that, he said.