Superdome receives FEMA grant for remaining recovery work

New Orleans, La. - The Federal Emergency Management Agency recently announced nearly $1 million in additional recovery aid to the Louisiana Office of Facility Planning and Control for remaining, Katrina-related repairs at the Louisiana Superdome.

The funding reimburses completed ticket booth repairs at the Superdome as well as provides for parking garage #6 repairs, which are scheduled to take place this year.

The force of Hurricane Katrina's 150 mph winds destroyed the outer membrane of the Superdome, leaving it exposed to serious damages by rain and debris.

As a result, FEMA has provided approximately $42.8 million overall, including the agency's recent grant.

Recovery efforts at the arena include debris removal operations; the replacement of the dome's exterior skin, seating, synthetic turf and fixtures; and repairs to the mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems.