Trayvon Martin's Parents in New Orleans

Tracy Martin, Sabryna
Tracy Martin, Sabryna


Trayvon Martin's parents were stoic, preparing to speak to journalists in New Orleans, but softened as they described their youngest son.

"He kissed me everyday at 17 years old. He would kiss me and he would still rub my stomach. He did those little things for me that I miss very much. Those are the type of things that are not being reported," said Sabryna Fulton, Trayvon's mom.

Fulton, his father Tracy Martin, and their attorney's told the dramatic story of the last few months to thousands gathered at the National Association of Black Journalists Conference underway in New Orleans this week.

"There is a lot of media out there that want to portray Trayvon and smear his image," said his dad.

Attorney Benjamin Crump says there is an under current that little black kids can't be innocent.

"We have to reject that notion. All black people need to say our children can be good!" Crump said.

Reverend Al Sharpton made the trip to New Orleans with the family.

"Black Journalists need to understand the Trayvon Martin case is the civil rights case of our time," he said.

Tracy Martin says his child was profiled as a criminal, and points to his oldest son who is about to graduate from college to show his family is strong.

"What criminal history does he have? If he's doing the right thing why can't his brother do the right thing? Why does his little brother have to be a criminal?"

"We felt we had to be the spokesperson for our son. This is showing him love. He's gone and nothing can bring him back." his mother said.