Despite storm track, workers build a barrier near Myrtle Grove

Myrtle Grove, La. - The water receded from the one of Venice's main roads Monday, but even though the storm threat for our area is easing, dozens of workers continue to build a barrier near Myrtle Grove.

Officials are taking advantage of the dry conditions to brace themselves for the potential of other storms during the six month hurricane season.

Workers from the state transportation department have joined parish crews in putting up a Hesco wall in one of Plaquemines Parish's most vulnerable areas.

In recent years, water poured through the land levees when tropical force winds blew in from the south, so officials got started early in advance of what Debbie might bring.

Over the weekend, they put up a half mile Hesco wall to keep potential floodwaters off Highway 23.

Monday they were at it again adding another half miles worth of barrier, which has become a mainstay in hurricane protection efforts in the past few years.

With the winds pushing out of the northeast, Debbie is not considered to be much of a threat for Plaquemines Parish at least for the time being.

The hesco baskets will remain along Highway 23 for the rest of the season to protect against the possibility of more storms this season.