Campers afflicted by strange illness at Notre Dame

South Bend, Indiana - Officials are investigating a mysterious health scare on the campus of the University of Notre Dame.

A spokesman says the illness affected more than a hundred young people visiting the university for a summer sports camp.

More than 30 of the children ended up at a nearby hospital Wednesday, suffering from severe vomiting and flu-like symptoms.

Dr. Thomas Felger, who treated some of the patients at St. Joseph County Hospital, said, "I suspect a noro virus. That's the same virus that hits cruise ships that most people have heard about.  It's the most common cause of what people associate with 'stomach flu.' The assumption is, with this many young folks all getting sick at the same time, that's probably what's causing it. "

If the cause is linked to a virus, there are growing concerns that the 1,100 young people on the campus will soon travel to their hometowns across the country and take the illness with them, where it could spread further.

Investigators hope to learn more about the outbreak, when test results are released on Friday.