Reports: Drew Brees wins tag ruling

An arbitrator ruled Tuesday in favor of Saints quarterback Drew Brees in his grievance over the designation of his franchise tag, according to an ESPN report.

A hearing was held last Wednesday in Philadelphia to determine how much a future franchise tag is worth.

Under the current tag, Brees would make $16.4 million this season.

The union's position is the CBA intended for a player to be franchised no more than three times, regardless of which team places the tags.

In making his ruling, Burbank said all franchise tags will be viewed this way in the future.

From his standpoint, Brees was tagged once in San Diego. So, this would be a second tag.  That being the case, a third tag next year would be worth almost $24 million.

If Brees gets a long term deal, the issue would be moot for him, but it could set precedent for other players.

The NFL can appeal the ruling. Brees and the Saints have until July 16th to work out a long term deal.