Plaquemines Parish Investigates Foamy Material On Gulf Below Venice

The president of Plaquemines Parish is asking the coast guard to investigate a strange sighting off the coast of Venice.

Billy Nungesser says two weeks ago, much of the gulf, was covered with an unknown, foamy material.

The parish president has asked environmental officials, and the coast guard to get him some answers about this. A frothy material spotted nearly three weeks ago, by a plane looking for schools of fish, in offshore drilling area 25 miles southwest of Venice.

"We were originally told they were spraying for mosquitoes.and we didn't believe that offshore," Nungesser said. "Then we were told they were spraying water as a test for disbursements, but clearly there's something in this water other than water, and we just can't get any answers."

Nungesser fears that someone is testing dispersants in quantities not seen in the area, since the bp oil spill two years ago. He says military planes were spotted in the area.

"We just can't get any answers and with people so fearful of dispersants, to people and wildflife to even be testing dispersants is unthinkable," said Nungesser.

To make matter worse, nungesser says there have been human impacts." The fishermen are reporting this burn in their eyes and skin."

Fox 8 has reached out to the EPA, and the state environmental department, since the pictures show land, and it could be within the state's jurisdiction which covers any portion of the gulf within three miles.

Nungesser is also asking the coast guard for answers.

Deq is now investigating, but reports there was a large fish kill in that area around June 12th. They say it could also be an algae bloom, common this time of year, but no conclusions have been reached at this time.