Cab drivers have concern despite new law, safety measures

New Orleans, La.-- News that a cab driver had been shot and killed in New Orleans East spread fast Monday, and cab drivers rushed to the crime scene hoping to get more information.  Despite new safety measures and a brand-new Louisiana law, they're very concerned about safety.

"Our job is one of the dangerous ones you know," said United Cab driver Tabarak Ali.

Cab drivers are often easy targets for criminals, and Monday was sheer proof of that.  New Orleans cops and cabbies rushed to the deadly shooting of Ali Husnain.  According to a family member, Husnain was a husband, father, and United Cab Company driver for three years.

"It makes you feel.. don't want to do anything I mean .. at least don't drive cab anymore in this city," Syed Askari, another United Cab driver.

The devastating news has rocked the entire cab community and beyond.  In March, another driver was shot in Metairie, and a year ago in May 2011, United Cab driver Billy Kerner's life was taken by a passenger.  After that killing, Kerner's sister and lawmakers pushed for legislation that would make killing a cab driver a death penalty crime in Louisiana.

In June, the Governor signed off on it.

"Cameras will be helpful and our company supporting it.  I mean we wanted to have that camera.  It's not gonna secure your life, but it would definitely save some tragedies," explained Askari.

A recently passed New Orleans City Council ordinance will soon require that cabs have security cameras.  Even with stiffer penalties and soon, new safety measures, cab drivers who watched crime lab crews comb their co-worker's cab don't feel good about the future.

"If these things are gonna happen, probably we cab drivers are gonna quit you know," said Ali.

They believe criminals, who take innocent lives like Ali Husnain's, aren't being tracked and punished early enough.

"Once they do these things, if they don't have a serious punishment, believe me not, they're gonna do it to somebody else too and somebody gonna get hurt too.. like this gentleman," said Azeem Ahmed, another United Cab driver.

No matter how many laws and measures are implemented, some believe safety is beyond their control.

If you know anything that can help investigators solve this cab driver murder, call Crimestoppers at 822-1111.