After Further Review: Monty Williams' toughest challenge

Williams in tough spot with Eric Gordon
Williams in tough spot with Eric Gordon

Since Monty Williams has been head coach of the Hornets, he's gone through his share of ups and downs. His first owner was David Stern, his franchise star was traded and had to coach a team last year that had the talent of a ten-win team, not the 21 they earned.

But just when he thought all that negativity was a thing of the past, he could be facing his biggest challenge yet.

There is nothing in sports worst than dealing with a disgruntled 'star' player. A scenario Williams could face when the Hornets match the Suns and bring back Eric Gordon.

To be fair, Williams has done his best to diffuse the situation. He told the Times Picayune that he understood Gordon's frustrations and the team still loves him.

The fans and media won't let him off the hook so easy.

Even if Gordon is on his best behavior, his words will be the prime topic surrounding this club for the next few months. The questions will come. The distractions will be there. The giant elephant will be in the back of the room.

Hopefully Gordon will come around and as Williams said, it will all blow over. But if it doesn't and Gordon is still pushing to get out, Williams has one tough job on his hands trying to develop a young roster with their 'leader' wanting out.

Good luck with that coach, but if anyone is prepared for it. It's you.