NFL demands Vilma drop lawsuit, Vilma's attorney threatens more legal action

New Orleans, La. - The NFL has demanded that the NFLPA and Saints linebacker Jonathan Vilma dismiss his defamation lawsuit against NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell.

Vilma's legal team says that is not happening.

The NFL's management council sent a letter to Vilma that says in last year's collective bargaining agreement, "The NFL Players Association agreed that neither it nor any of its members would sue the NFL or any club."

As to Vilma's punishment, it is "the commissioner's responsibility for upholding that policy and is permitted by the CBA and under league constitution and bylaws."

Vilma's legal team calls that argument baseless.  They say "neither the NFL nor any NFL club is a party to Mr. Vilma's lawsuit."  And, "Mr. Goodell has been sued for his false and irresponsible public accusations and allegations against Mr. Vilma apart from any conduct as commissioner."

Vilma's attorney, Peter Ginsberg, goes on to accuse Goodell of making false statements about the player before handing out the suspension.  He even threatens to "consider legal sanctions against the NFL."

Wednesday night, Vilma tweeted, "The nfl sent me a letter 'demanding' I drop my defamation suit or else… lol or else wat?!??  They no likey me lawsuitey."