Scammers target utility customers

Entergy New Orleans is receiving inquiries from customers concerning a scam that claims the president of the United States or the government is allowing credits or applying payments to customers' utility bills.

This is the second time scammers have promoted this particular scam. It also surfaced across the southeast in early May. Entergy New Orleans is taking actions to inform and protect customers.

The scam calls for customers to make a payment by using a bank routing number supplied by the scammers. In some cases, customers are asked to use the number appearing on the back of their Social Security cards as the bank account number. Another version of the scam has customers trying to make payments using fraudulent Wal-Mart payment cards.

While the company has made efforts to block the routing numbers being used in the scam, some customers have already tried to make payments using the fraudulent info. Payments made by Entergy New Orleans customers using the scammers' method will not process correctly and the money will not be applied to their bills. Customers will still owe the amount shown on their bills for the utility services they have used.