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Saints fans celebrate as Brees makes a deal

New Orleans, La. - July 13 was already a special day for Lauren Itzkowitz, but now she has two reasons to celebrate.

"Today is forever my birthday and forever the day that Drew Brees signed his contract," says Itzkowitz.

The Who Dat nation is rejoicing across New Orleans.

"It was exciting. I called my dad and told him to turn on the TV.  It was a good feeling.  It really was," says Drew Allen.

Fans have been saying for months, ‘Just sign Drew Brees.'  And now just three days before the Monday deadline, a deal is finally reached and the wait is finally over.

"It's just a huge relief," says Win Ellington.

Drew Brees becomes the highest paid quarterback in NFL history with a $100 million contract for the next five years. Saints fans believe he's worth every penny.

"We are so happy that he got his contract. We don't know what we would do without him, so thank you Mr. Benson. We appreciate you," says Izza Farrar.

For the team, training camp will be next.  For the fans, they are ready for some football and can't wait for the season to begin.

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