Gasoline prices are creeping up

New Orleans, La. - Gasoline prices are creeping up in the New Orleans area.  The average cost is up 6.4 cents per gallon from last week,  averaging $3.17 a gallon. This compares with the national average that has not moved  in the last week to $3.42 a gallon, according to gasoline price website

Despite the rise, prices are still down considerably from a year ago - 36.5 cents lower per gallon lower than the same time a year ago and 2.7 cents per gallon lower than a month ago. The national average has decreased 11.0 cents per gallon during the last month and stands 24.7 cents per gallon lower than this day one year ago.

"Those who stuck around the low gas price party expecting it to last have realized they're out in the cold," said Senior Petroleum Analyst Patrick DeHaan. "Oil prices are well off their recent lows, and we'll likely continue to see the national average rise in response. Most regions should see prices rising, while the Rockies areas may see any increase take considerably longer to arrive," DeHaan said.