Reinforcements brought in to combat nuisance bars

New Orleans, La. - The city of New Orleans puts nuisance bars and other alcohol outlets on notice and it's bringing in reinforcements to make sure they're following the rules.

The mayor says it works hand in hand with his "Nola for Life" effort to rein in violent crime.

There will be ten more reserve enforcement agents with ATC making the total number of 20 to deal with problem ABO's in neighborhoods.

This come just a couple of days after ATC agents closed Al's bar in the 1300 block of South Saratoga for violations like selling alcohol and tobacco on an expired permit and even employing a convicted felon.

ATC Commissioner Troy Hebert says he's excited to contribute manpower to a plan that is destined to curb crime.

The city says there are 1,200 ABO's in the city and 400 in the French Quarter alone. The city is asking neighbors to report any activity that is disruptive to give ATC agents an idea of where to investigate.