A look at proposals on how to restore Gulf

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Environmental groups released a report on Wednesday making 39 recommendations of how to repair damage to the Gulf of Mexico's ecosystem caused by the catastrophic BP oil spill in 2010. The amount BP will have to pay is subject to ongoing litigation with the government, which also will choose how to spend the money.

Below are some of the environmental groups' costlier proposals:


  • Buying land around the St. Marks National Wildlife Refuge and Apalachee Bay. Cost: $30 million.
  • Sea-grass and oyster restoration along the Florida Panhandle. Cost: $15 million.
  • Buying 69,453 acres to help conserve St. Vincent Sound and Lake Wimico near Apalachicola. Cost: $100 million


  • Mobile Bay restoration and building 100 miles of intertidal oyster reefs. Cost: $95 million
  • Reconnecting tidal exchanges within the Mobile-Tensaw Delta by building new bridges under the Mobile Causeway. Cost: $70 million
  • Buying coastal properties in Alabama coastal counties to aid conservation. Cost: $125 million


  • Restoration of 3,622 acres of coastal habitat. Cost: $7.8 million
  • Wetlands and oyster restoration in Hancock County, restoring up to 60,000 feet of oyster reef. Cost: $18.8 million
  • Restoring 1,000 acres of coastal marsh along Mississippi coast. Cost: $13.6 million


  • Barataria basin restoration with new dunes, marsh, oyster reefs and filling in oil canals. Cost: $378 million
  • Breton basin restoration with armoring marsh, oyster reefs and building up Chandeleur islands. Cost: $100 million
  • Building 70 miles of oyster reefs in Cameron, Terrebonne and St. Bernard parishes. Cost: $70 million


  • Expand the Texas Chenier Plain Refuge by 64,260 acres. Cost: $90 million
  • Build sub-tidal reef in Matagorda Bay within footprint of historical Half Moon Reef. Cost: $3.8 million
  • Restoring Shamrock Island in Nueces County by creating sea-grasses, marsh and mangroves. Cost: $3 million

Open waters of the Gulf

  • Plugging and removing nonproducing oil and gas wells in waters off the coast of Louisiana. Cost: $31 million
  • Place observers aboard fishing vessels to monitor catches for marine mammals, sea turtles and bluefin tuna. Cost: $32.5 million
  • Cleaning up marine debris across the Gulf. Cost: $10 million

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