Search firm hired to look for LSU's next president

BATON ROUGE, La. (AP) - LSU's presidential search committee has selected a Dallas-based firm to help recruit and vet candidates.

But it's still unclear if the committee will be looking for a system leader to also serve as chancellor of the flagship campus in Baton Rouge.

On Friday, the search committee chose R. William Funk & Associates as its search firm.

Committee Chairman Blake Chatelain says the company submitted a bid to do the work for $120,000 plus expenses.

Chatelain says the search can't begin, however, until the Board of Supervisors determines if it will combine the system president job with the chancellor's position. Both are vacant.

John Lombardi was fired as LSU System president, while LSU Chancellor Mike Martin is leaving the Baton Rouge campus to lead the Colorado State University System.

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