Tropical Depression 5 forms, but "way out in the Atlantic"

National Hurricane Center
National Hurricane Center

New Orleans-- Tropical Depression FIVE formed Wednesday afternoon in the Atlantic and forecasters warned the system was likely to strengthen.

The National Hurricane Center, which located the storm east of the Windward Islands (12.6N, 40.6W), estimated the winds at 35 mph.

The Hurricane Center web site notes "forecasting intensity is always a challenge and particularly... in this case."

In their official discussion of the depression, forecasters pointed out their "best two models are at odds as to how the system will evolve."

Only slow strengthening is anticipated over the next few days, forecasters said.

Even if the system were to strengthen, it would be of no immediate threat to the continental U.S., according to Bob Breck, FOX 8 Chief Meteorologist.

"Don't get concerned about something way out there," said Breck, noting that even if the system affected the Gulf Coast it would be over a week away.

"Give it another 10 days," said Breck.  "We're talking about Friday of next week."