Community conference held for victims of the B.P. Oil Spill

New Orleans, LA -- It's been more than two years since the B.P. Oil Spill. The frustration among Louisiana's commercial fishermen is mounting.

Today, The Gulf Organized Fisheries in Solidarity and Hope or "GO FISH" coalition organized a community conference to find out what's next in the B.P. Oil Spill settlement process.

GO FISH addressed economic losses, and B.P.'s economic settlement claims process.

GO FISH even invited B.P. and its attorneys to attend to the meeting to explain changes to the claims process.

"And they sent letters saying they weren't going to be coming, which is unfortunate because I think that the people in the seafood community need to hear from everybody if they're going to be able to make an educated decision about what to do," says Tracy Kuhns, President, GO FISH Coalition.

GO FISH also addressed the ongoing effects to the seafood industry and how to preserve Louisiana's Gulf Coast.

Many who attended the meeting want to know whether or not the should take B.P.'s offer.

"They offered me $25,000. This is the worst deal cut for Louisiana since we let our off-shore oil royalties go," says seafood distributor, Dean Blanchard.

FOX 8 contacted B.P. about some of the commercial fishermen's concerns with the settlement and new claims process, but they have yet to responded.