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Jefferson Parish reports big dip in murders

Gretna, LA - The Jefferson Parish Sheriff's office says murders dropped nearly 45% from this same time last year, although overall numbers show a slight increase in crime.

According to new numbers Wednesday, there have been 16 murders in Jefferson Parish so far this year, compared to 29 from this same time in 2011.  The statistics also reflect a drop in the number of burglaries and auto theft.

A number of categories say a spike, with rapes showing the biggest increase, up 14%. Thefts were up as well, and the number of robberies remained basically unchanged.  Overall, Sheriff Newell Norman reports that crime overall is up slightly, just under one percent.

Here are the numbers from the JP Sheriff's Office:



MURDER          29                         16              44.8-

RAPE               42                         48              14.3

ROBBERY         265                       267             0.8+

ASSAULT          714                       676             5.3-

BURGLARY        1,748                    1,467          16.1-

THEFT              5,094                    5,532          8.6+

AUTOTHEFT      522                       485             7.1-


TOTAL              8,414                    8,491          0.9+

                           2011                    2012             %            

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