Fred Hickman's Final Word

My final word is this week is optimism.   I have plenty of it concerning the football landscape in our area.

LSU has to deal with the loss of one of the nation's top defensive play makers as Tyrann Mathieu has been dismissed fro the team.   Very tough.   You could hear it in the voice of Coach Les Miles when he spread the word.   But, while Miles is somewhat crestfallen about the team's loss, he was even more concerned about the young man's well being.   I've met the honey badger's mom and siblings. I've spoken with his adoptive father. I think that with the support system he has in place, Mathieu will be okay if he puts in the work and stops believing the hype. Lemonade from lemons.

On the pro side, I think the Saints will be okay as well. I find it ironic they spent the week in New England practicing with the Patriots... My pick to win the AFC crown.

Remember... This is the same franchise which was hammered with spy gate punishments in 2007, and went on to reel off 18-straight wins in the season with the only loss being to the Giants in the Superbowl.   Lemonade from lemons again.   It is a lesson the Saints can learn from as they deal with the losses incurred as the result of the bounty scandal.

And, speaking of fresh starts, I can't wait to see what Curtis Johnson is going to do with Tulane football. It's a team which hasn't posted a winning record in a decade. But, talking with players such as seniors quarterback Ryan Franklin and linebacker Trent Mackey, they are ready to run through a wall for C.J.

Call me crazy, but I think this is going to be a great football season in our state. And, we look forward to bringing you every second of it on FOX 8.