Sunken tugboats release estimated 3,000 gallons of diesel

(Coast Guard)
(Coast Guard)

New Orleans, La.- Coast Guard officials say an estimated 3,000 gallons of diesel was released after two tug boats sank just after 6 a.m. Saturday near milemarker 102 in the Mississippi River.

A spokesman for the Coast Guard say there is containment boom currently around the diesel spill.  At this time, it is controlled and detained.

Coast Guard Sector New Orleans and U.S. Environmental Services are currently on scene to monitor the situation.

Authorities say there are no impacts to wildlife, the waterway or drinking water.

One person was aboard the tugboat but was able to disembarked safely with no injuries.

Coast Guard officials are still investigating what caused the boats to sink and say a salvage plan is currently under review and operations will commence when it is complete.