Judge refuses to reduce bond for suspended NOPD officer

New Orleans, La. - A criminal court judge refused to reduce bond for a suspended New Orleans police officer charged with manslaughter.

His attorneys are now preparing for a trial that almost didn't happen.

Suspended officer Joshua Colclough pleaded not guilty to manslaughter charges Monday after last week rejecting a deal that would have seen him pleading guilty to a lesser negligent homicide charge.

Colclough stood silently as his attorneys fought to reduce his bond from $300,000, but Judge Keva Landrum Johnson refused to budge, saying she thought it was appropriate on a charge of committing manslaughter with a gun.

Colclough is accused of fatally shooting 20 year-old Wendell Allen in the family's Prentiss Avenue home back in early March.

He could have gotten a much lighter sentence if he had accepted a deal to plead guilty to negligent homicide charges.

Now Allen's family is prepared for all the facts to come out at trial.

The case is now in the discovery phase, meaning police and investigators must turn over all evidence that can be used by prosecutors and the defense by September 14th.

Colclough remains free on bond.