Tyrann Mathieu completes phase one of treatment program

Former LSU star football player Tyrann Mathieu has now been in a Houston substance abuse treatment center for a full week battling his marijuana addiction.

After seven full days of work, the Honey Badger has successfully completed phase one of the three phase program.

Beginning Monday, Mathieu gets to work on phase 2 of his recovery.

Phase one unfolded completely within the walls of First Step Recovery Center.

Mathieu changed his cell phone number and has had virtually no contact with the outside world, except what's been approved by his parents and First Step advisors.

Over the weekend, his parents,Tyrone and Shelia, were able to travel to Houston and spend time with their son.

The family spent most of Sunday in group therapy with a little time left over for just visiting.

Tyrone describes his son as positive and focused; confident in his decision to commit to this recovery program.

Former NBA star John Lucas is mentoring Tyrann daily.

Lucas successfully battled back from a cocaine and alcohol addiction and has now spearheaded treatment programs geared specifically toward athletes.

The Mathieu family says given Lucas' personal triumph over substance abuse, they're trusting him to decide when Tyrann is ready to leave the center.

Lucas will also likely have a big say in what the Honey Badger does about football and school once he's finished at treatment.

Phase two of Tyrann's recovery program means he can now have some supervised access to the outside world.

For example, counselors may take Tyrann and some of the other folks participating in First Step on group outings such as to a gym to workout or to the mall.

Mathieu's parents are firmly standing by their commitment that the recovery program comes first. Decisions about football, school, the NFL will be made later.