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Chris Rose: We owe them

Today, we witnessed one of the more grueling performances of public service: The congregation of law enforcement officers from around the region, gathered to honor a fallen comrade.

The dress blues. Arm bands. Motorcades. The huddled, grieving families.

The whole damn thing.

There's something about an officer down that upsets the whole balance of things; it represents the most horrific breakdown of the social order.

In "The Second Coming," the poet William Bulter Yeats captures such dire anarchy:

Things fall apart; the center cannot hold;

Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world,

The blood-dimmed tide is loosed, and everywhere

The ceremony of innocence is drowned.

Police funerals are no ceremonies of innocence.

They are acknowledgements of the risk inherent to answering the call of service. And they are powerful reminders.

It's incidents like the ambush in LaPlace that magnify the damage done by the rogue cops we seem to breed around here like flies, the disgrace they are to the uniform, to the calling, to the community.

I don't guess it's the appropriate time to dwell on stuff like that, but there it is on the Fox 8 website today, right next to news about the funerals: the arrest of another NOPD officer.

I guess I still have imprinted in my DNA the notion that some things are sacrosanct, some things inviolable, some things beyond the pale.

Some things you Just Don't Do.

Shooting a police officer is one of those things.

Being a crooked cop is another.

The yin and yang of our world.  The inconvenient truths.  Our very complicated state of affairs.

But today is a day for honoring the good guys.

They all face a risk. Even the really annoying ones who pull you over on your way to work and write you a ticket and ruin your day.

The job's not easy. It's obviously not that fun. The pay is dirt. But these men and women in uniform, they do it, day after day.

They put it on the line every day.

We owe them for that.

We owe them big.

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