Vilma makes national headlines over anti-Goodell sign

@ALLIN1PRO via Twitter
@ALLIN1PRO via Twitter

Miami, FL. - Saints linebacker Jonathan Vilma is making news again over the bounty scandal; this time over a sign in a restaurant he co-owns in Miami, Florida. According to USA Today, Brother Jimmy's BBQ in Miami has a sign taped on its front window showing a picture of NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell with a message that reads, "DO NOT SERVE THIS MAN".

USA Today says they found out about the sign from a tweet they received Tuesday night. An employee of the restaurant reportedly confirmed to the newspaper that the signs are posted on all of the restaurant's front windows and inside the dining room as well.

USA Today says Brother Jimmy's is owned by Vilma, as well as two other University of Miami alums, Broncos linebacker D.J. Williams and Panthers linebacker Jon Beason.

The newspaper did not know if the posted message was a directive from Vilma himself.