Despite warnings, house collapses on another in Gentilly

New Orleans - A Gentilly woman is waiting and wondering, what's next, after a house collapsed on hers, causing thousands of dollars in damage.

She says her warnings to the New Orleans redevelopment authority were ignored.  It happened Sunday night, as the sun went down.

Corinna Walker had been waiting for the house, next to her Painters Street home to collapse for years, and she saw it happen.

"We got a glimpse of it moving, and I said come over here, then the noise stopped. And I said, this is a disaster," says Walker.

The house in the 2700 block of Painters off Franklin, owned by the NORA, was in imminent danger of falling down, and Walker knew it. Her calls to NORA  went unanswered, and she says she's lucky,she and the four kids in her house, survived.

Walker's home is now unlivable. There are big gaps in the ceiling, and she worries about west nile. "As you can see this door will not close at all. We've got bugs coming in," she said.

She says the back wall shifted, another leans and she can't open her back door.

And with tropical weather approaching she worries about it being inundated, and damaged worse. And she says it didn't have to be this way. "I had someone come out in February and take pictures, of it, and I never heard anything else," says Walker.

For it's part, Nora is now trying to make things right. This week, they cleared the lot, sent over an insurance adjuster, and issued this statement saying "due to recent rainstorms, the structure was further compromised. We are working diligently with our insurer, to resolve this matter. We will do everything we can to accommodate the family's immediate needs."

For now that means the Walkers are being put up at a nearby hotel.

She now waits for a NORA contractor to shore up a house damaged by a collapse, that Corrina Walker says, never should have happened.

Walker says NORA is providing her with a hotel on a week by week basis, until the damage to her home is fixed.