Prosecutors ask judge to deny Aaron Broussard's motion for change of venue

New Orleans, La. - Two documents were filed in Federal Court Thursday dealing with the governments case against former Jefferson Parish leaders Aaron Broussard and Tom Wilkinson.

In one filing, US Attorney Jim Letten's office disputes Broussard's claims for a change of venue in which Broussard says pre-trial publicity has tainted the potential jury pool.

Federal prosecutors asked the judge to deny that motion.

In a separate filing, Broussard and Wilkinson filed a continuance.

They claim Wilkinson's attorney is dealing with flood damage to his Mandeville home due to hurricane Isaac.

They requested a new trial date of January 7th, 2013.

Broussard was Jefferson's Parish president for six years. A federal indictment charges him and Wilkinson, the former parish attorney, with conspiracy, bribery, wire fraud and theft.

Both have pleaded innocent.