Jim Henderson's analysis of Saints-Redskins game

John Snell
John Snell

In their first of many post-Saints game web chats, Jim Henderson and Sean Fazende discussed the odd energy the Redskins had Sunday, as opposed to the Saints.

"Maybe it was just me but I felt this game was going to be a struggle, one the [Saints] probably weren't going to win through much of the game and I was surprised by that," Henderson said from FOX 8's Benson Tower Studio.

Henderson was particularly impressed by Robert Griffin III, but thinks that the Saints defense will continue to struggle, no matter the opponent: "I think you're going to be in for a lot of shootouts.  This is again a team that doesn't seem to put a lot of pressure on the quarterback, doesn't seem to be able to generate turnovers based on what we've seen so I think that's, for the most part, what we will have."

As for the offense, Henderson expects a turnaround: "Drew just had a bad day, he was inaccurate.  His accuracy is usually his hallmark and I think that's one thing that's going to change this week because I've never seen Drew Brees have two games, back to back, that are poor."

Many people have pointed out the absence of Sean Payton as a potential reason for the Saints' struggles.  Henderson sees one big difference in having Aaron Kromer on the sideline: "I think the one thing that I saw missing was Sean Payton's swagger.  I don't think the Saints had that swagger.  Who knows what he would have done psychologically with the situation yesterday?"