Rash of car burglaries investigated in Hahnville

Hahnville, La. - The St. Charles Sheriff's office is investigating a rash of car burglaries overnight in a Hahnville neighborhood. Sheriff Greg Champagne says at least 9 cars were broken into overnight in the Fashion South Subdivision. Items taken in the thefts include I-pods, wallets, cash and a GPS unit.

Sheriff Champagne describes Fashion South as a very nice subdivision in the Hahnville area which can be only accessed via Highway 3127. He believes the thieves either drove in or came across the railroad tracks on foot probably in the early morning hours. Detectives canvassed the area this morning and are doing so again this evening looking for possible video surveillance or other evidence.

Champagne says, "I am sure these victims felt very secure due to the historical lack of such crime in their subdivision and did not lock their cars. These burglaries prove the fact that thieves will eventually attempt to locate quiet neighborhoods looking for opportunities. Lets all use this as a reminder that we all need to make a habit of locking our cars and removing valuables before retiring at night no matter what neighborhood we live in. Sooner are later thieves will try their luck in your area."