Police arrest Galliano man with $9,100 in counterfeit bills

Terry Guidry, 44 (LPSO)
Terry Guidry, 44 (LPSO)

GALLIANO -It almost looks and feels like the real thing, but there's a noticeable difference between the cash deputies found and genuine hundred dollar bills.

"When you take a closer look at it, you can see that the strip inside, the security strip is not there," says Deputy Brennan Matherne of the Lafourche Parish Sheriff's Office.  "You can see in the three different serial numbers that he used to reproduce the bills, so out of 91 hundred dollar bills, there's only three serial numbers on those bills."

Detectives arrested Terry Guidry, 44, Friday and charged him with monetary instrument abuse and possession of drug paraphernalia.

The Lafourche Parish Drug Task Force had been investigating the Galliano man for a year because they suspected he was buying narcotics.  When Deputies pulled Guidry over Friday, they reportedly found a crack pipe and 91 of these fake bills.

Matherne says Guidry also had tools to make the counterfeit cash.

"We found several other items, which we won't go into detail about those items at this point since it's under investigation, but several items that are used in the production of counterfeit money in the vehicle as well as two storage units in the Galliano area that are under his name," he says.

The Secret Service is working with investigators in Lafourche Parish as they try to figure out how Guidry made the money and where he might have spent it.

Detectives believe Guidry may have used some of the money to buy drugs.  They're also looking into whether he spent any at local stores, though Matherne says workers would likely be able to tell the cash was fake.

"Most of our local retailers are taking those precautions with anything $20 or above so we are hoping that local retailers are watching for themselves on this particular issue," says Matherne.

Guidry could face even more charges as the investigation continues.