Jim Henderson Web Chat: What's wrong with the Saints?

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Jim Henderson joined Sean Fazende for their second web chat of the season.  The main questions on viewers mind was simply "What's wrong with the Saints?"

Jim and Sean discussed a variety of issues, but in the end, the rushing defense was the most glaring weakness "For a team that only rushed for ten yards the week before, the thinking was the Buccaneers certainly have the game plan against these guys, load up the line of scrimmage and don't let them run," Henderson said.  "They had Jonathan Stewart back but after rushing for ten yards, they had 219 yards and I'm sure this will be the worst rated defense in the NFL for a second straight week and so many of the problems they had from last year, they continue to have, and maybe even more so, through two games this season."

Offensively the Saints performed much better in week two.  They had more balance, were better on third down and Drew Brees threw for over three hundred yards again.  Despite extending his 44-game streak of at least one touchdown pass, he still does not have the swagger during last season's record breaking performance.

"I think he's feeling more pressure from the opposing defense than he has through much of his career and that contributes to it," Henderson said.  "He acknowledged that pass that [Charles] Godfrey intercepted should have been a throw away.  Drew is trying to make plays and this has happened to him in the past.  When Sean Payton was not on the sideline essentially for three games last year, in two of those games, Drew threw more interceptions than touchdowns.  Does he miss Sean Payton?  Does he miss his hand on the sideline?  Does he miss his contribution to the game plan?"

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