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NFL seeking to block Vilma's request for evidence

NEW ORLEANS (AP) - The NFL has asked a federal judge to block Jonathan Vilma from demanding evidence in the league's bounty probe related to the Saints linebacker's defamation lawsuit against Commissioner Roger Goodell.

The league says Vilma's lawyer, Peter Ginsburg, has this month subpoenaed the NFL, Goodell, NFL investigator Joe Hummel, former Saints defensive coordinator Gregg Williams and former Saints defensive assistant Mike Cerullo.

Ginsberg has demanded documents and sought to schedule depositions, including a deposition of Goodell on Oct. 23. The league says demands for evidence are premature because its motion to dismiss the lawsuit is still pending.

The NFL's motion asks U.S. District Judge Ginger Berrigan to rule on whether to enforce a stay of discovery by Oct. 10. Vilma's lawsuit says Goodell publicly prejudged Vilma without sufficient evidence.

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