Jim Henderson Web Chat: Resurrecting the season

John Snell
John Snell

FOX 8's Jim Henderson and Sean Fazende took part in their third web chat of the season Monday evening and discussed the tough issues for the Saints right now.

Henderson understands the fans' angst: "Everybody is confused, everybody is really depressed after Sunday.  I hear a lot of rumblings among Saints fans that I haven't heard since 2005; discontent with the whole product, discontent with the atmosphere, leaving early, just general disgust.  It's kind of surprising given the recent success but they haven't like what they've seen, especially at home."

The different thing about Week 3's loss was the fact that the Saints were not coming from behind, they had a lead late in the third quarter, but then the bottom fell out: "This is an offense that's always been predicated on rhythm.  They came out on the first drive, just like they did the week before.  But then they seem to go into these lulls where it's like they can't do anything.  It's like the first day of practice in July, they just can't put anything together."

As for Henderson's response when asked whether or not the Saints would turn things around and make the playoffs, his response was simple: "No, honestly, I do not.  The Saints are the eighth team in the Super Bowl era to start 0-3 and winning 13 or more games the previous season.  The 2009 Titans had the best record out of all of those teams in that category; they finished 8-8.  Given the strength of the schedule that looms in front of the Saints and after the way they've started, I think 4 or 5 victories would be about as optimistic as I would be based on what I've seen so far."

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