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Chris Rose: Gridlock

On this broadcast, I try not to wade into national issues. I generally reserve my commentary for matters of local interest.

But sometimes a story is just too big to ignore, too important to leave to the sole discretion – and interpretation – of the networks.

We have a problem in this country today.

As a journalist, I feel an obligation to speak out.

As an American, I feel that obligation.

Because, like you, I worry about the direction this country is going in. And I wonder if there's anyone who can solve this mess, break this stalemate, put a stop this unnecessarily partisan bickering and acrimonious gridlock.

This isn't a Republican thing; not a Democrat thing.

This is an American thing.

A sensitive nerve has been exposed in the body politic. And our place in the world is direly at risk.

So I stand here today and personally challenge the powers that be, Congress, Mr. President, Mr. Romney... please.

Does anyone have the backbone, the courage – the political will – to dispense with personal agendas, stand up to the monied interests and say: Enough!

Somebody, please: Fix this.

Because, if we maintain the status quo, feebly accept the way things are, then everyone loses.

There are no winners here.

Well, except the Seattle Seahawks.

They were winners.  Beat the Packers.

And workers at the Transportation Safety Administration; they're winners. For they are no longer the most reviled class of employees in America.

That title is reserved for the replacement officials in the National Football League.

And if somebody doesn't get those guys off the field, out of the stadiums and away from the game, then America as we know it is finished.

And in other news, there was war, drought, famine, a domestic debt crisis, economic instability in Europe, unrest in the Middle East, political malaise in the Nation's Capitol.


Now, please: Can we have our referees back?

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