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Hornets' Anthony Davis returns sporting Olympic gold

Metairie, La. - Hornets forward Anthony Davis is about to embark on his rookie season in the NBA but before he does, he's showing the New Orleans media what he's been up to over the summer: winning an Olympic gold medal.

It's not just about winning and representing his country though.

"I think my game developed more than I expected it to by playing in the Olympics and being around those guys," Davis said from the Saints' facility on Airline Drive.  "There's still a lot more to learn and a lot more to do.  I just have to continue working.  I'm just a guy playing basketball, until I play an NBA game, then I can officially consider myself an NBA player."

One of the veteran NBA players Davis was with at the London games was Chris Paul, who gave him some candid advice about Hornets head coach Monty Williams: "Chris said he had a point where Monty was on him just because he knew that he was going to be something special, if he wasn't already special.  He said [Monty] will be on me a lot just because he wants me to succeed and he likes helping young guys out.  He said he's going to call me 'young buck', he calls all rookies 'young buck' and I've already heard it a million times."

Williams seems to already have a thorough, yet conservative, plan laid out for Davis: "I'm 19 years old going into a grown man's league.  I think [Monty] does a great job of taking that pressure off me.  And not just me... Eric, Austin, Robin, everybody on the team.  He's just trying to put the organization together as one."

With a projected starting five that averages just 22 years of age, Davis knows where his priorities must be this season: "Just going out there and working hard, not taking any team lightly.  Hopefully we put up a good fight each game.  We are rebuilding so it's going to be tough but I think we're going to have a great year this year."

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