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Parents of murder victim make emotional plea

A family photo of LaRyan Lloyd A family photo of LaRyan Lloyd

New Orleans, La. — A mother and father are pleading with witnesses to cooperate with police in the murder of their son.

"I can't sleep because I want to find out, I definitely have to find out who killed my son.  They're going to wind up killing somebody else," said Terry Lloyd as he choked up with tears.

Police found 23-year-old LaRyan Lloyd with multiple gunshot wounds inside a Jeep at the intersection of Lawrence Street and Southlawn Boulevard in Algiers on September 12.

"You killed my son, my baby.  They could have just knocked him upside the head, took his Jeep, whatever, so he could have come home," said his mother, Sheila Caine, as she glanced down at pictures of her son.

Caine said her son was outside an apartment community where his aunt lived.

His parents want his killer found, but they also want the community to know that their son was not another young African-American male ensnared by the web of drugs.

"As far as the drug life, I know my son didn't do no drugs. Street life just wasn't his life," said Lloyd of his son.

"When you know your child, you know him," added Caine.

They said he set himself on a productive course even while in school. He was a former student of New Orleans Charter and Warren Easton and then went on to college.

"He went for nursing.  'All right,' he said, 'Dad, I don't really like it,'" Lloyd recalled.  He said his son set his sights on engineering and was back in school, working toward his new dream.

"At 23 years old he was working at an engineering firm," said Lloyd.

Lloyd said his son loved to play basketball. His mother added that he also had an affinity for golf.

"I really don't understand because he wasn't no bad boy, or a boy that went to jail," said Lloyd.

He said his son did not have a criminal record.  "Never went to jail, never drank, never smoked, never did nothing.  He did nothing that was going to lead him the wrong way," continued Lloyd.

Caine said some of her son's personal items were taken during the crime.  "His iPad... he would drive with that thing, I would fuss with him," she stated.

Homicide detectives tell FOX 8 News that there is someone out there who can help them crack the case, and that person needs to come forward. 

His father said he is in almost constant contact with homicide investigators, and he believes eventually they will solve his son's murder.

"I leave it in God's hands and I got much confidence that the detectives are going to get who did it," Lloyd said.

Crimestoppers is offering a $2,500 reward for information leading to the arrest of those responsible for Lloyd's death. Please call 504-822-1111 to give information anonymously.

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